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I've Made it My Mission to...

Help women and people of color navigate the world of work, make more money, and position themselves as industry leaders.

I’ve learned first hand that putting your head down, and working hard isn’t enough to move into leadership positions in the workplace. It’s crucial that you develop a career strategy that supports your short and long term professional goals.

I’ve done this for myself and hundreds of professionals for over 10 years.

Is it time to make your next, best career move?

Here's My Resume


My experience comes from helping hundreds, if not thousands, of professionals navigate the world of work. Whether you're 18 and not sure what to major in, or in your early 50s looking to transition into a career that's better aligned with your passions - I've worked with someone like you throughout the span of my career.

My sweet spot, is what I like to call "the magic middle" where you're an experienced professional operating in your "zone of genius" and it's time to transition into a leadership role.

Career Development Coach at
two of nation's top universities

Global Diversity Talent Acquisition Leader at a Fortune 100 company

Master of Science in Counseling and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Kimberly Brown is a leading career and leadership development expert, accomplished speaker and podcast host whose mission is to empower women and people of color in the workplace.


“My goal is to develop professionals so they can finally advocate for themselves in the workplace,"


She credits her 10 years of experience working in career services in higher education institutions for defining the mission behind Manifest Yourself.

We work with human resources, diversity and inclusion teams, and the business to develop tailor-made programming for your company that will significantly impact your employees leadership development for years to come.

Through her company, Manifest Yourself, Kimberly has helped thousands of professionals take charge of their careers.

Many times it’s not that employees are underprepared; it’s that companies over-invest in senior leadership and under-invest in entry to mid-level employees to ensure they have a strong, internal pipeline of talent.


"Working with Kimberly has been pivotal for my career path again and again. As a result of working with her, I feel more confident in my professional experience and my ability to take the next step in my career..."he makes it easy to take steps that can otherwise feel overwhelming or uncomfortable.”

“Your career development cannot be left in the hands of your manager or human resources department; you must take control of the trajectory of your career." says Kimberly.

Investment in your people doesn’t start and end with recruitment, your organization has to continue developing a pipeline of qualified women and people of color in the workplace.

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